Interior Design Is Our Passion

If you didn’t know, I went to interior design school back in 2012, basically just to help my clients stage their home and to be more educated when shopping for homes on what could be done to increase value and turn what might be a fixer, into a dream home. Little did I know that little aspect of my business became a big aspect and now I help my buyers and sellers in a big way, but also people who have owned their homes for a while and more recently so many of my realtor friends have been reaching out, asking for help on refreshing their listings or client’s homes! It’s making for amazing team work! 

The design + staging division has taken on a life of it’s own and I love it! For more info on interior design and/or project management or if you would like to schedule a walk through on your home and see it reimagined through boards like these, definitely reach out!

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